Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic surveying, or infrared scanning as it is also known, checks internal electrical problems like temperature change, imbalances, poor connections and overloading. The purposes of Thermographic surveying is to discover and avert potential power failures such as surges and blackouts. Prevention of electrical failure avoids serious equipment damage, which would otherwise occur.

Thermographic inspections should be a regular part of a predictive maintenance programme. An indication of impending faults in mechanical and electrical systems and components is an increased temperature due to increased resistance and friction.

This temperature increase can be detected and quantified using the latest thermal cameras. Our state-of-the-art thermal infra-red cameras operate in a similar way to a standard video camera and an image of the temperature distribution of the component can be obtained. Should any part of the component be significantly warmer than other similar parts, a recording of the suspect component is taken. The magnitude of temperature rise will be illustrated and the seriousness of the fault can be determined by concentrating on distribution boards, switchgear, plant rooms and other related items.

Further to a detailed site survey, clients are provided with comprehensive Thermographic Survey reports showing both digital and infra-red images to assist in identification of plant, and a detailed log of all faults exposed.

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