Cable Fault Location

The success of a cable fault location is highly dependent on the skill and experience of the fault locator and the quality of the cable fault locating tools. PDS offer many years of experience in the field of locating cable and cable system faults. We use state-of-the-art equipment and practices which minimize the risk of harming the remaining good cable system. We are committed to safe, economical cable fault locating and cable testing this will reduce outage times and the replacement costs of cable and equipment. We work with you, providing a professional, detailed fault locating report, we will help you maintain cable integrity, reduce outages, cut costs, and remain competitive.

Cable Fault Location
Cable faults are annoying at the best of times but when they occur it means that communications are lost or plant is not operating as efficiently as it should … if at all.
We are equipped with modern pulse echo equipment along with high voltage surge generators, recorders and even good old fashioned bridge type equipment enabling any fault to be pinpointed quickly and accurately.
Our skills in the use of the equipment obtain accurate pinpointing of fault positions results in the fault being repaired with only one excavation which saves everybody both time and unnecessary expense.


Cable Location
Cable location is a vital part of any fault location. We are equipped with modern cable location equipment enabling rapid identification of a cable route. It is surprising how often a cable is not where people think it is.


Sheath Fault Location
The outer sheath of any cable, particularly high voltage cables, plays a vital part in the operation of a cable by helping to prevent faults occurring.Sheath testing can be carried out at installation or during routine maintenance of switch gear and any faults detected can be quickly and easily located with great accuracy using the industry standard BICCOTEST MAGPIE system.

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