Power Factor Correction

Why Maintain Power Factor Correction Equipment?

If the equipment develops a fault through lack of servicing then even 30 minutes out of circuit could cost you power factor savings for the next 12 months or even five years if the supply capacity charge is increased.

Financial savings can be lost due to the lack of maintenance!

Benefits of servicing

  • Extend equipment life
  • Ensure equipment safety
  • Maximise financial saving (minimise electricity bills)
  • Take corrective action before it costs you money
  • Ensure correct product to suit changing working and plant conditions
  • Re-commission equipment to maintain efficiency in changed working and plant conditions

The electricity you consume is expensive, but your investment in Power Factor Correction equipment ensures maximum financial savings. Preventive maintenance will help ensure it continues.

Malfunction of correction equipment can results in loss of financial savings and increased load burden on supply cables and switchgear. Cost effectiveness encourages many companies today to employ specialist maintenance services, rather than operate their own maintenance departments. Some just run the risk of breakdown!

All capacitors have an infinite life, dependant upon parameters of voltage, ambient temperature, atmospheric conditions and application, varying from 5 to 25 years or more. Frequently when failure occurs no warning is given and associated control equipment may continue to indicate operation, but to no effect. The general adoption of computer equipment and the introduction of sophisticated drives for manufacturing plant has, in recent years, increased system transients and harmonics (system pollution) on electrical systems to the detriment of existing correction equipment.

We have over 25 years in the field so understanding your requirements makes it easy for us to advise you appropriately. Undertaking power factor surveys, Installation of correction equipment, commissioning and power quality related problems. Chances are if you read this page and are saying to yourself. If i could,would i gain,or should i change. you probably could do with some advise so please feel free to call (Paul Cook on 07984 642841)

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